Posted by: brothermartin | March 23, 2008


from the Progressive Review website: (scroll down to find it)


  • Their positions are often barely distinguishable from that of the Republicans
  • They have built their campaigns around genetic identity rather than on political principles and issues.
  • “I would be stunned to find an anti-business [Supreme Court] appointee from either of them,” Cass Sunstein, who is a constitutional adviser to Obama, told me. “There’s not a strong interest on the part of Obama or Clinton in demonizing business, and you wouldn’t expect to see that in their Supreme Court nominees.” – Jeffrey Rosen, NY Times
  • They take multiple positions on individual issues such as NAFTA
  • They have produced no interesting new ideas nor promised to fight for any important new programs
  • They have offered no good idea about how to handle the current economic crisis
  • They have gone about their campaigns as though they were leading a cult rather than a political movement
  • Clinton hangs out with a covert group of right wing GOP Christians; Obama would name some of them to his cabinet.
  • They have similar voting records with Progressive Punch ranking Obama 24th and Clinton 19h in Senate
  • more

and yes, Sam Smith does talk about their differences…f’rinstance:

  • Clinton would continue the 28 year old Reagan – Bush – Clinton – Bush era; Obama would probably end it.
  • While both have misled voters, Clinton has by far the worst record, witness the cattle futures, Whitewater, travel office and similar scandals as well as the fact that five of her fundraisers have been convicted of, or pleaded no contest to, crimes and one fled the country after being indicted on charges related to raising money.
  • While they both have had seamy friends, so far only one has surfaced for Obama – Rezko – as opposed to a lengthy list for Clinton that begins with three close business partners who ended up in prison.
  • Obama, unlike Clinton, has never been almost indicted.
  • Obama, unlike Clinton, has never been mentioned 35 times in a criminal indictment.
  • Obama, unlike Clinton, has been involved in a resort land scam with in which about half the purchasers, many of them seniors, lost their property.
  • Obama, unlike Clinton, is not currently being sued in a case involving an allegedly massive misreporting of campaign contributions.
  • Obama, unlike Clinton, did not support the appointment of the now indicted Bernie Kerick to be head of Homeland Security



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