Posted by: brothermartin | July 7, 2008


HBO film explores “Ganja Queen” travel nightmare

Tue Jul 1, 2008 1:39am BST

By Michelle Nichols

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Schapelle Corby is living every traveler’s worst nightmare — convicted in 2005 of smuggling marijuana into Indonesia, the 30-year-old Australian is serving a 20-year sentence in a cramped prison.

Now a film debuting on cable television HBO on Monday goes behind the scenes at the dramatic trial that gripped Australia, initially strained ties between the neighboring countries and left people asking: “Did she really do it?”

“Australians became so besotted with the case,” said Janine Hosking, who made the documentary “Ganja Queen.” “She doesn’t look like how we would imagine a drug trafficker to look; she looks like the girl next door.”

“People will speculate forever on this case,” Hosking told Reuters. She began filming shortly before the trial began — after Corby had already spent five months behind bars in a country that imposes the death penalty on drug traffickers.


Corby says she did not know the drugs were there, but Hosking said that rather than the onus being on the prosecution to prove Corby was guilty, under Indonesian law, she was required to show who was responsible to prove her innocence.

“That seemed to be an absolute impossibility for Schapelle to prove,” Hosking said. “Everyone’s hearts went out to her regardless of whether they thought she was innocent or guilty — this helpless victim at the center of this legal system.”



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