Posted by: brothermartin | August 16, 2008


First of all, I’m going on the road for a week or two, and for the most part will be without computer access.  Second, this little chronicle has grown to take entirely too much of my time.   I would rather be a musician who sometimes makes prose comments on the news, not a news commentator who, once in a great while, gets to write, play and record some music.

My two main sources have been Carolyn Baker and the Climate Crisis Coalition.  Carolyn has just gone into subscription-only mode, and i would highly recommend her as someone worth sharing your money with.  The CCC is still running on donations, and, yes, I have donated.

Considering the way I go about things in life, I have probably chosen to bookmark news stories for sharing in a fairly labor-intensive way.  I hear sites like Digg and others may offer something closer to mouse-click notation.  If you, gentle reader, fool with such critters, please let me know about your experience, and I will take it into account in September when I return.

Happy trails to you


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